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Skin Analysis and the Final Destination

Do you remember life before the days of GPS’s and needing to find an address in the middle of a foreign place?
You’d fumble your way around the city, taking a few wrong turns, finding yourself in the general vicinity of where you are meant to be but not quite getting there?
You stop and ask directions from people who look like locals, you pull out a map that’s not really up to date and try to get your bearings only to find your were close but not quite close enough?


Well that’s a bit like skin care without a full skin diagnosis!

When you decide to take the plunge into the world of skin care, or perhaps you are ready to tweak your routine we all ask our friends, read articles online, use skin care that sounds the answer to the results you’re looking for. Your results might come close BUT it’s still not quite as perfected as it could be… why?
Unless you start off knowing why your skin is doing what it is doing, you’re just circling the vicinity and not quite arriving at the ultimate destination- skin that is so healthy it radiates!

Knowledge is power – and that’s the amazing thing about skin. Knowing exactly what is happening throughout every step of the cell life cycle. Figuring out where this process is becoming impaired or going wrong and finding all of those extra little internal factors that are influencing this process is going to ensure that we are doing everything we can to create a healthy skin from the INSIDE – OUT.


So what happens during a Skin Analysis Consultation?

A skin analysis is much more than a quick chat with your therapist before a facial.
Yes, those few moments before we tuck you into a warm cosy bed are key to getting a quick update of your skin, but it’s not enough to get an intimate understanding of the uniqueness of your skin and set you up with a game plan (or set the address in your GPS!).

A Skin consultation is a completely separate appointment. Why? Because we want to take the time to truly understand YOUR skin.
A Skin Analysis can take up to an hour and is all about YOU!
We spend time with you to find out what you wish your skin could be and to understand your skin on a deeper level.

You will leave knowing how your skin is made, what your skin needs to create the best skin possible. You will begin to understand what is causing your skin to misbehave and you will be armed with an action plan of how to care for your skin, regardless of if you book a future appointment with us. 

We then go a step further and teach you what to look for, what to avoid and what treatments and skin care products are right for you.
When you know the why, the how becomes so much easier and you begin to understand why skin care is important and how certain treatments can support changes in how your skin is functioning.


Every skin function’s in their very own way, the same but so very differently. Come in for a Skin Analysis and let us help you understand why you’ve struggled to reach your destination in the past and take you on a whole new journey to feeling as beautiful on the outside as you are within.

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