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Do you need a Custom Cleanser

Have you ever thought about your skin type and how you’ve been put into one of three boxes?
You’re either normal, oily or dry. (or the classically miss-diagnosed “combination” which is a bit of a safe approach to “not really sure”)

Every skin care purchase you make has then been centred around one of those three options, whichever option of those you’ve been advised.

“But what if your skin is ‘oily’ and your friends skin is ‘oily’ but you’re both different levels of oily?”

What if everyone’s skin was set somewhere along a scale of one to one hundred?

Let’s say number one is the oiliest skin possible, heading aaaaaaaaaaall the way to 100.
One hundred would be a skin being bone dry. Then 2 to 99 covers everything else in between.

Your oily skin, you might be a 15 out of 100 on the oily to dry scale.

Your friend might also have oily skin but she may be 35 out of 100.

Yes, you’re both oily, but both very different levels of oily.

You can clearly see that it doesn’t make sense to then both have the same cleanser, despite you both being labelled as oily.

Over my many years of treating skin, having touched, analysed and studied thousands of skins, I have realised that this whole ‘box’ approach just doesn’t work.

Treating skin with a one size fits all attitude (or best out of three options) doesn’t give the best results you could possibly achieve.
Your skin truly is on the 1 to 100 scale in every sense and concern, not just when it comes to the oily/dry scale. The tiny variables are what make your skin completely unique to everyone else.


Unfortunately, most skin care on the market caters to the oily, normal, dry “boxes” and this leaves so many skins in-between left having to make-do with products that are not entirely right for them. It’s like trying to fit into your little sisters jeans, they fit but not in all the right places!


We have been the home of customised skin care for nearly a decade now, so it only makes sense that your cleanser is also made especially for your skin. Skin care starts from the very minute you wash your face, not just what comes after, every step is equally important.

So do you need a custom made cleanser?
Yes! Every skin is unique and so it should be treated that way!!!

To get your customised cleanser, book in for a Skin Analysis so we can find your skin on the scale (and show you heaps of other cool things about your skin!)

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